How to Rope a Ruthless Cowboy

Silver Springs Ranch #9
March 28, 2023

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

How to Rope a Ruthless Cowboy

Retired Navy Seal Medic and notorious womanizer Matt indulges his savior complex by moonlighting with Search and Rescue. This winter is shaping up to be a doozy, with weathermen warning of the upcoming snowstorm of the century, and sending Matt’s team into high alert.

When a call comes in, Matt’s the only one available to rescue the foolish woman who got her ass stuck on a mountain in the middle of an epic storm. He’s ready to tear a strip off her for heading into the back country unprepared.

But nothing could have prepared him for Kristy. She’s achingly beautiful, with fire in her eyes – and a death wish. Matt can’t deny his attraction to the sexy spitfire, but he vowed never to get involved with anyone this helpless ever again.

Trapped together in a remote cabin until the storm clears, and against his better judgment, Matt caves to the magnetic desire between them, never expecting that, instead of slaking his lust, their encounter will only leave him wanting more.

And when Kristy winds up needing once again to be rescued, can Matt save her, or will history repeat itself, ripping her violently out of his life forever?

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