Brutal Mercy

Massimo Mafia #1
December 26, 2023
S & G Books, LLC
Available in: e-Book

Brutal Mercy

I’m the head of my crime family—they call me the King of Torture. I never show mercy. Never show weakness.

I am the furthest thing from a decent man. Everything good and pure was leached out of me long ago.

Evil permeates every aspect of my life.

But then, battered, bruised, and limping, a gorgeous woman half my age runs toward my compound. Towards me –– not realizing she is running to the man who could usurp the devil.

Yet she looks at me like I am her salvation. My entire being roars that she is meant for me. The only woman who could love a monster.

Now I will stop at nothing to make her mine.

Paperback & Hardcover coming at the end of January