Midnight Rendezvous

Dungeon Singles Night #5
December 21, 2021
S & G Books, LLC
Available in: e-Book

Midnight Rendezvous

She is untouchable. Forbidden.

His best friend’s stunning, maddening, and deeply stirring younger sister has always been completely off limits. Asher has been fighting the clawing desire to touch her for years.

But when Emilia unexpectedly appears at his office with danger stalking her, he can’t say no.
She chose to ask him for help. For protection. Asher will shield her with both his body and his badge and suffer in agony as he keeps his hands to himself.

Yearning for her surrender, craving her passion, is wrong. He made a vow to her brother never to touch her, and he is a man of his word. A man of honor.

Emilia made no such promise. She craves Asher’s touch.

Even if the heat they generate incinerates them both.

“Handcuff me to a FBI agent!  Heat, danger, and a protective hero combined to captivate me in a story I couldn't put down!” - USA Today Bestselling Author Pepper North

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