The Cold Ride

SEALs on Wheels #2
September 29, 2023
S&G Books LLC
Available in: e-Book

The Cold Ride

Duty. Honor. Sacrifice.

My faith in humanity is all but gone. Whatever goodness I had in me was eliminated long ago.
All I know is war.

Then I meet her. My best friend’s ex-wife. She lights up my darkness.

I crave her sunshine like an addict. I want to bask in it.
But she’s forbidden. I can’t touch her.
I can’t love her – doing so would only drag her into hell with me, and betray everything I hold sacred.
I might have lost my humanity, but I refuse to sacrifice my honor…

Until a single misstep damns us both.
And now I can’t let her go.
I’ll fight anyone to claim her and keep her – even her.

Dive headlong into this grumpy/sunshine forbidden romance, where a Navy SEAL falls for his best friend’s ex.

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